Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients



Our native ingredients are harvested using Tikanga Māori - a strict, traditional harvesting practice done without compromising our environmental and social responsibilities. This respectful approach means we can offer high potency natural bio actives that are non GMO, NATRUE certified, as well as ECOCERT, COSMOS and China compliant.

For testing we use techniques like flow cytometry which uses lab grown skin cells to test ingredients at a DNA and cellular level. It is important to us that our natural environment is not harmed in any way to produce our skincare.

Many of our extraction process use a proprietary tripartite extraction method that is free of chemicals and provides unrivalled levels of bioactive compounds in an entirely bioavailable form.

The hands on process of our skincare production combines scientific process with the human energy and awareness with each batch being carefully crafted literally with love.

Each product has the highest quality and the most potent amounts of an ingredients to be significantly effective for skin health. You and our customers will really enjoy the potent quantities of all the ingredients.

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